SPCC Plans MUST be written, updated and/or in place by November 2014

IF your Facility has not met this FEDERAL REQUIREMENT... CALL US, We can help!

EMS News and Updates

Quest Consultants Expands to 44 States

As Quest Consultants & Associates expands to 44 states and Washington DC, the company is now in prime position to widen their service area and reach out to more clients around the United States. As of today, the company’s PE services are available in the following areas.

Licensed and Professional Engineers

Their P.E.'s are divided into EPA regions, with Connecticut and Massachusetts in EPA Region 1 and New York and New Jersey in Region 2. In Region 3 are Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia.  EPA Region 4 is comprised of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee and North and South Carolina.

The EPA Region 5 states are Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. In Region 6, the states are Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana and Arkansas, and Region 7 is comprised of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska, while EPA Region 8 is comprised of North and South Dakota, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. Region 9 EPA consists of Nevada, California, Arizona and Montana, and Region 10 Idaho, Alaska, Washington and Oregon.

Services and Products

Quest’s vision and mission statement is to provide their clients with the best SWPP, WWTP, NPDES and SPCC services possible and at affordable prices. Aside from these, the company also provides onsite sampling service, plans for preventing pollution, PTI / PTO Permits and environmental audits. In addition, the company also offers waste minimization programs, OSHA compliance and ISO Pre-Audits. At their website, Quest also provides a full EPA law reference, analytical holding times, SPCC requirements and regulations, EMS news, SWPPP and other useful links and references. 

Beginning May 2014, Quest announced that its operations have increased, allowing the company to serve more people and clients in the manner described above. For more information about their location and services, please go to http://www.questinc2.com/ or call them at 888-730-4646. 

ISO 14001 Pre-Audits

WHAT IS ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System?

A company’s aspects having an affect upon the environment are monitored through this standard and a complete Environmental Management System (EMS) is effectively implemented to ensure the compliance with the applicable National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS). Implementation of EMS improves compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, reduces exposure to liability, prevents pollution, reduces waste, and creates a more positive public image of the organization. 

Quest has perfected the use of ISO Pre-Audits for ISO 14001

Our unique Pre-Audit service allows you to be prepared before your ISO Auditor performs your annual ISO audit. Our staff will do a thorough investigation of your site and documents and prepare a confidential report on our findings. This finding report will assist you in pinpointing any areas of weakness that need to be corrected BEFORE your ISO auditor arrives.

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